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My name is Steven Nance, pastor of Salem Church since 2006. What a remarkable legacy Salem has as you will discover looking through our site. Salem’s history is unique as is the many families and individuals that have served here from past to present.

My family roots run deep here and can be traced back to the very beginning. This is home, and we are like family. There is something inviting and welcoming about a small country church. We continue to be relevant even in these modern times. 


Just like the early Christian church as found in Acts 2:42, Salem is a place of fellowship, worship, teaching, preaching, prayer and weekly observance of Holy Communion. We are committed to practicing the Word and Sacraments experiencing the fullness of Christ’s salvation.


For over two centuries God has blessed Salem Church. We will faithfully continue to seek His will as we look forward to seeing Him face to face.


Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Steven D Nance

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